zdj. MP2

MP2 is a simple salt/sand spreader with hydraulically driven conveyor belt, used for winter maintenance of roads and streets.

Main elements of salt/sand spreader are:

  • hopper,
  • conveyor belt,
  • Spreader,
  • drive
  • control.

Control of salt/sand spreader is carried out in two ways. Switching on/off of equipment and turning on operating rotation of engine is done from cab via the control panel, and regulation of spreading density and width is done by means of valves in the valve chamber at the back of the hopper.


  • tarpaulin,
  • storage bearings.
Capacity [m3] 1,2
Spreading width [m] 2 – 10
Sand discharge [g/m2] 20 – 300
Salt discharge [g/m2] 5 – 40
Engine Gasoline engine drive / hydraulic system / PTO
Control Manual


MP2P (mounted on the chassis)


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