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Inter Airport Europe 2017

Inter Airport Europe 2017, the world’s leading airport exhibition, has ended. Our company presented the new modern airport sweeper blower machine VAMMAS SB4504. We were pleasantly surprised to note that the new model of airport sweeper blower machine VAMMAS SB4504 aroused a great interest of the potential clients

Side - loading garbage SMYK

We are pleased to announce the delivery of garbage trucks with side-loading -  SMYK. Product DOBROWOLSKI would take care of the cleanliness of one of the German cities.

Side-loading garbage truck with manual operation cycle. Tipping mechanism suitable for 110 – 1100 liters containers. Compacting waste is done by moving pushing


Dear customers! We are pleased to announce that the next equipment leaves our company.  The septic tanker this time goes on the german market.

The tank with a capacity of 14 m 3, the hose on the rear reel.

Feel free to contact, we are pleased to answer any questions.

The next airport equipment is leaving our factory

We completed the production of sweeper blower SB 3600. The product brand DOBROWOLSKI will maintain the purity of the plate on one of the airports in Armenia.

First, a snow plow removes snow from airport with a width of more than 4,46 m, cylindrical brush with a width of 3,6 m snow is to clean up any remnants

The bifunctional tanker build on the Scania's chassis

We finished our standard version of the bifunctional tanker build on the Scania’s chassis.  We invite you to contact our sales department, in order to present the possibilities of our product. Your questions you can send to mail@dobrowolski.com.pl 


Certificate of Bussines Creditbility

Dobrowolski Ltd Dobrowolski once again appreciated. Bisnode Poland international business intelligence awarded our company, handing the Certificate of Business Credibility. Therefore we found ourselves in a group of companies with the highest stability in Poland in 2015.